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Jean Luc Lafitte Chiropractic Your Crawley Chiropractor Call: 07870 385169  

'Experience Less Pain, More Energy, and Greater Life Balance Today'

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We understand how frustrating and debilitating back pain can be, and your search has brought you to us. We want to reassure you that you have come to the right place and we have the solution to your problem.


This is what some of our patients are saying about us.


“I was put completely at ease by Jean Luc, who got rid of the pain I had been suffering from for years. There was also no pressure to book multiple appointments



“Jean Luc’s approach was a revelation after having used several other therapists to resolve an ongoing back issue without success. He identified the issue causing my severe back pain immediately and rectified the issue after two sessions. Others have made repeated attempts over 2-year period without success. His advice and willingness to share information on how I can prevent a relapse, has really helped me reduce the issue. A true, open and honest gentleman whom I would highly recommend.”



“I had a very excellent treatment with Jean Luc. He was very easy to talk to and treated me as a very special individual and not just a patient.”



We have helped hundreds of people just like you 


We offer a Free 15-minute consultation if you want to talk about treatment prior to making a decision. So, call this number 

07870 385 169 today




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