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Jean Luc Lafitte Chiropractic Your Crawley Chiropractor Call: 07870 385169  

"Jean Luc is an excellent practitioner, highly recommend my friends and family. So much compassion for the patient's needs." Y.K.   

"I highly recommend Jean Luc he is very professional, helpful and compassionate." L.H  

"Since my treatment with Jean Luc began, I feel great improvement has been achieved in the mobility of my spine. Thank you very much." B.S. 

"Thank you Jean Luc. You have made my pain and anxiety completely go away. You are fantastic at your job and outlook on life. I can highly recommend Jean Luc. I will be back."K.A.         

"Be prepared to trust Jean Luc – he has the rare ability to read your body completely. You might think he is treating the wrong bit – but after years of professional aerobatics and serious spine-scrunching under load – he never fails to find the right spot and straighten things up!"JT – Skyhawk Aerobatics                                             

"I had 4 sessions with Jean Luc and my backs not felt this good for years… Highly recommended. Don’t live in pain, he can fix it! M.J.         

"An inspirational man. Great Service. Feel like a new man!” N.C.   

"Excellant practitioner, I can see light at the end of a very painful tunnel."M.C.   

"Jean Luc is a very caring and capable practitioner with plenty of good advice and good listening skills. An excellent service. Thank you."Phoebe   

"Jean Luc treats me regularly for shoulder pain. He really understands the problem and is always ready to offer advice on how to manage my pain. He also successfully treated a hip issue I began to experience and gave some brilliant yet unusual advice to stop the pain coming back- and it worked!"NP, London                                                                  

"Jean Luc’s approach was a revelation after having used several other chiropractor to resolve an ongoing back issue without success. He identified the issues causing my severe back pain immediately and rectified the issues after two sessions. Other have made repeated attempts over a 2 year period without success. His advice and willingness to share information on how I can prevent a relapse has really helped me reduce the issue. A true, open and honest gentlemen whom I would highly recommend."A.M.   

"Excellent, caring consultation and treatment."K.R.               

"Excellent, holistic and unrushed. Really felt like he understood the problem."L.T.                   

"Absolutely excellent. The only person who has managed to ease my pain over the last few years."D.K.                            

"I had very excellent treatment with Jean Luc. He was very easy to talk to and treated me as a very special individual and not just as a patient."B.M.F.      

"Excellent care. I am 100% better than when I first arrived here. Amazing!"N.H.           

"I had a hypnotherapy session with [Jean Luc] for fear of flying and last week had two wonderful flights which I can honestly say I enjoyed! This is a first in over 10 years so I am truly thrilled."V.S.     

"Jean Luc has worked wonders to help relieve the pain I was experiencing in my back, neck and hand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."R.S.      

"Thank you very much. I feel really better and can keep looking after my children well with your help." S.G.         

"Jean Luc – thank you very very much! Great physician and amazing person." K.R.  


"In addition to being an excellent holistic medicine professional, Dr Jean


Luc Lafitte is one of the most decent respectable human beings I have 


known. I am in a professional area myself with a large amount of


experience judging other professionals. His primary medical speciality is


Chiropractic which he practices with the utmost skill, taking time and care


with patients to first observe their over-all wellbeing and pointedly


avoiding treatments that are not necessary nor too close together. He does


not actively promote his other specialities like therapeutic hypnosis and


nutritional counselling, but subtly allows patients to know they are


available when needed. My overall health and wellbeing have benefited


tremendously from Dr Lafitte. I travel to the London area from the Nordic


countries just to see him and I would not consider any other."


RB –Professor of Economics – Sweden


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