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        Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy

We are often asked if you can be treated when you are pregnant, and the answer is yes.


During preganancy your body will go through some amazing changes, however this can also cause back pain as your body tries to constantly adjust to the change to your centre of gravity.


As a Chiropractor we look at helping your body to stay aligned during this change. The most important thing is to keep your pelvis level, this will benefit you and your baby.


How many treatments will I need? 


We suggest that you have one treatment a month during your pregnancy and then a follow up treatment six weeks after giving birth.


We also suggest that you bring your baby with you, and because we believe in the importance of this first check up for your new born, we will not charge you for this.


If you would like to talk to us first to answer any more questions you may have, call us on 07870 385169



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